about us

The Eco Dad was born in November 2018 when I became a first-time dad to a little boy, Finn. After already running a successful textiles and linens business since 2010 (@summerhouselinens, check us out😊) I, (like many others), felt more strongly than ever about the sheer volume of unnecessary single use plastics, and products made using non sustainable and inhumane methods such as animal testing.


I set about creating a brand that will make a small difference to the world we live in and make the future a better place for my little boy (and my fur baby, @luna_the_beagle_pup). The first step was looking at the amount of plastic and products I was using daily and seeing what I could do to change the habits of a lifetime. With the help of my eco-family, I feel it is our responsibility to do our part and reduce our plastic waste where we can. Our aim at The Eco Dad is to provide you with as many plastic-free, cruelty free and sustainable everyday use items under one roof, so that you too can stop our planet drowning in plastic. With our website launching soon we hope you will find everything you need.